I am a very creative person and an entrepreneur located in Dublin (Ireland). 

My style is typically hand drawn illustration combine with modern tools (Photoshop, illustrator)

Are you a licensee, art buyer or manufacturer interested in working with me? I would love to work with you on your creative project! Please Email me and we can set up a phone call to chat about your needs.



Logos/business cards

This business card was created for a private practice company. The characteristics of this card are as follow; The tree represents the life of each individual; the roots are what it makes us belong to something and the leaves are what it makes so unique and different. I choose the colour blue as is the most neutral of all, so it worked perfectly for this occasion.


This business logo was created to represent the Service provided in the IT Environment. I was requested to use a Bowtie. So, I used the colour green for the Bowtie to create the universal symbol for Excellence, that is the tick, then to created even better to a high standard I created a golden box represent the service providing to the highest standard.

Service Excellence Logo