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IllustrationsIllustrated below, you can find 2 pages for The Book Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and the binding cover.


At a young age Fanny Price is taken from the poverty of her parents’ life in Portsmouth to be brought up alongside – but never quite equally with – her wealthy cousins at Mansfield Park. Her uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram, is absent and into that vacuum arrive the glamorous, sophisticated Crawfords. 




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 Christmas Cards

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Princess RuthCampo-Travel

“The adventure of books” by Ruth Campo.


Ten-year-old Lila lives in a beautiful place called Olivetown. Lila and her friends love to read, so every day after school they go to the park and sit down to read. A witch named Oliva also lives in the town. She goes to the park to spy on the children and wonders why they don’t play with her. This makes her furious and she gets very angry at the books. 

So one day, Oliva, the witch, steals all the books in the town. She doesn’t leave a single book. Lila and her friends are very sad because they don’t have anything to read. Lila sees Oliva the witch in the forest with Rosa the Dragon and the witch is making Rosa eat all the books! 

Lila waits until the witch is gone so she can talk to Rosa alone. Lila and Rosa decide to join together against Oliva the witch. Lila flies on Rosas back and they find the witch in the castle. When Rosa opens her mouth all the words from The books come out instead of fire. It is the happiest day ever for all the people living in the town especially the children. Letters fly back to the books and all the kids are jumping with happiness.

Oliva the witch decides to get away but the letters follow her wherever she goes.

The End.