Business cards and logo

This business logo was created to represent the Service provided in the IT Environment. I was requested to use a Bowtie. So I used the colour green for the Bowtie to create the universal symbol for Excellence, that is the tick, then to created even better to a high standard I created a golden box represent the service providing to the highest standard.

Service Excellence Logo

This business card was created for a private practice company. The characteristics of this card are as follow; The tree represents the life of each individual, the roots are what it makes us belong to something and the leaves are what it makes so unique and different. I choose the colour blue as is the most neutral of all, so it worked perfectly for this occasion.



You’re Growing on me!

‘You’re Growing on me!’ Is a street art project commissioned by Dublin Canvas; Dublin Canvas is a community art project intended to bring some colour and creativity to everyday objects in the City. The project takes previously unused public space and transforms them into canvases to help brighten up the City.



CEAD Exhibition 2016

After a wonderful opening here are some images from the Exhibition, this work its called Happening.


This project is a set of dolls made of plaster that represent young people. Each of the dolls in the set have an animalistic mask that I have designed for this occasion. These masks are made of paper and represent the identity of each doll. The background of the installation is a combination of colourful posters that have been created by using different techniques and playing with colours shapes and positions.

The dolls all start from an identical place and are all created using the same technique, the same silicone mold and using the same type of plaster. However the end result of each dolls is completely different, mimicking the reality of people.

There are conflicting claims whether these differences between people are based in our Nature (physical differences and different genes) or “nurture” (the strong differences in people’s backgrounds, experiences, training, or ways of learning).

This is what I want to emphasize with my work – the individuality of each person depending on their life experience and background.

I named the biggest piece “Dolly Paper”, she is completely made of paper and is 90cm high.  Dolly Paper sprung from my imagination and I designed her from scratch from that mental image. Her pose is powerful and even though she is covered in a lot of life experiences she has built her own identity shown by her powerful mask.

CEAD Exhibition: OPENING: 7 to 14 July 2016, NCAD

The much anticipated annual showcase of work by part-time students of the NCAD Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) will feature about 1,000 works from a wide range of disciplines including painting, print, sculpture, bronze, photography, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, stained glass, multi media and much more. Many pieces are for sale.

OPENING: 7 of July 2016 at 6pm

DATES: July 7 – 149, 2015

OPENING TIMES: Daily: 10am – 5pm Sun: 2pm – 5pm Closing: Thursday at 2pm

LOCATION: Design Building, NCAD, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 4

Here is one of the piece I will be showing on the Exhibition


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Sound of Life

This video is a process work on sounds and how they affects our perspective when we viewing an object. Our sense are very important but we need to combine them to perceive more information. Sometimes the sound does not match what we are looking at but it works.

All this images are recording using a sound machine that I construct for this process work.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Sound Machine sketches.




FEMININITY is a statement after doing some research on Janine Antoni contemporary artist, who creates work in performance art, sculpture and photography. Some of Janine Antoni pieces are feminist performance such as In Loving Care (1992). Antoni dips her hair in a bucket of hair dye and mops the gallery floor on her hands and knees.

My piece is a group of Bells, all of them are created with plaster bandage and some of them are white, and others are gold with a bell inside to make noise.

In our society, some women are oppressed by their work, their husbands, friends or even from themselves, they are quiet and blank, they are scared to be noticed.

Mini IMMA WorkShop

The project of Mini IMMA was a big success, so much that the Museum was organizing a workshop for kids to be involved them with Art, so they selected my project to use it in the workshop.

They enjoy creating the different designs of Mini IMMA, using the imagination and cutting off different accessories for the surroundings.



In this project what we had to create it was a response to the Museum of Modern art in 3D, using recycle materials. We had a visit to the building , I started the pieces with sketches; I sketched on site and I took some photos of the building and with the help of google maps, it did the rest. The sketch was acting as my “template” which I first had to add the measures and then I cut the paper to build this template. I was constantly resizing the cut pieces and going back and forth to get the perspective as accurate as I could. I do not construct any pieces with a measured perspective, I just eyeball everything. I carved, cut, scores, bends and fold the different papers by hand to form facades that come alive with shadows, texture, light and details. I used magazine cutouts to add images of people in the windows and walking in the main square, which gave life to the piece.

When I was thinking about this piece, I wanted to create something for everybody to remember and enjoy at home, so I thought to create and provide the paper with the instructions to the audience in the museum that would make it more interesting.

CEAD exhibition opening 2015

It was a Fantastic turnout, Professor Gary Granville gave a speech in our CEAD Exhibition in the Design Building. Here are some images of the magnificence event.



Upcoming Event

CEAD Exhibition: Thursday 2 July from 6pm. I will be presenting some of my work.


OPENING: Thursday 2 July from 6pm

DATES: July 3 – 9, 2015

Daily: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 2pm – 5pm
Closing: Thursday at 2pm

LOCATION: Design Building, NCAD, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 4

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In this project I was giving the word “Abject” and I had to investigate and talk about two relevant Artists and give my own representation of the word.

Abject: (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree.


In this project, I was giving a word “Rupture” so I had to research two relevant Artists (I choose Robert Bechtle and Cai Guo-Qiang) and give my own representation of the word.

This is what I came out with.